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Hot glowing iron bars, a bedrock floor to rest your head, and the screeches of eternal pain. This is how you - Ace Hunter have woken! After spending your life undoing the evil forces on earth, it seems after all the years of destroying terrorist cells and ending wars, a greater force has called upon you. It seems you have been tasked with eliminating the one true source of wickedness in this world.

This is a fast paced top down shooter, in which you must try and progress through each stage and hold your own for as long as you can, with the third stage being the hardest to hold!

Through out the game you will come across weapon pick-ups that will help you fight of the waves of enemies.

These enemies include the bone cannon Amalgamations, and the relentless Spawn!

Key Features / Mechanics: 

- Running

- Gunning

- Avoiding/Taking cover from enemy fire

- Collecting machine gun pick-ups that when activated increase fire rate for 30 seconds

- Collecting rocket ammo that allow a single, high damaging projectile


W - Up

A - Left

S - Down

D - Right

Q - Toggle Machine-Gun

E - Toggle Rocket

Mouse - aim

Left Mouse-Click - Shooter

After downloading the game file unzip it, then run the unity executable, most systems should be able to run the game at fantastic settings on the native full screen resolution.

If performance issues are encountered then  try running the game in windowed mode, or lowering the visual settings. If issues still persist leave a report of the circumstances and issue that is occurring within the comments. 

Recommended Age: 7+ 


Final Build.zip 29 MB

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