A downloadable Modelling for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Within the Unity build you will find 3 scenes to navigate in which I have created custom models, textures and audio:

1.)  A bedroom scene, to which I modeled from client interviews and research to give an accurate representation of their room.   

2.) A alchemy library scene, in which a hidden door can be triggered to open, this was created with the intention of considering lighting and animation within a scene, as well  the use of Foley audio (I used objects around my house to recreate the sounds of the bookshelf moving).  

3.) An external personified birdhouse scene, where by the camera takes you on a tour of the models created. This scene was created as part of a group project in which we where briefed with creating a modular external asset pack between us. 

All audio used is either Foley recordings created by myself,  or personal mixes of audio sourced form freesound.org. 

I hope you enjoy the end experience and I look forward to any feedback! 

Install instructions

Un-zip file and run the .exe file.

Press escape to open the scene navigation menu, please allow time to load when navigating scenes as some of the scenes are rather large. 


3D Modeling Demo.zip 260 MB

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